Saturday, April 12, 2014

Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

Here are things I expected to do this weekend: rid out my closet; take the dogs for longer walks because the weather is finally inching from grudgingly-not-freezing to holy-cow-almost-pleasant; perhaps have a nice meal somewhere out of the way.

Here's what I'm getting to do instead:  drop everything; find a respectable place to kennel the dogs for a week; and fly to Florida on what amounts to no notice at all to teach a course because the scheduled colleague had to drop out at the last minute because of some piddly little personal issue.  Might have been an operation or a divorce.  Something like that.  I wasn't listening.


Oh, I know that it sounds like an ungrateful thing to kvetch about, but really the timing is far from ideal - on top of missing the first few days of real spring, I feel very badly for the pups, who if Mr. Muscato were here could stay right home (not to mention that the kenneling is going to cost more for them than it will for me down in the sunny south).  I don't even particularly like Florida, and even if I did, the training room of our corporate branch there is not where I'd choose to spend a week.  The whole thing's a bore.

But at least I get to pack my swimsuit.

And I suppose there must be one or two good little out-of-the-way restaurants even there (and maybe even some good local seafood...).  And it looks like a half-way decent hotel...

Well, maybe it won't be the end of the earth.  I still feel entitled to complain about it.


  1. Just tell Corporate Travel to book the flight on TWA. That should take care of it.

  2. Replies
    1. Love his music, but the man himself wouldn't have been fun to fly with... kind of a nasty old sot, actually....

    2. Most obituaries refer to him as "ascerbic". Possibly not the best company on a first class flight. Jx

    3. There are people in the Business We Call Show about whom you will never, ever hear a bad word. Let's just say that Maestro Fiedler was not one of those. He's not out there on the Kathleen Battle/Jerry Lewis end of the spectrum, exactly, but he's a far ways along, especially given how universally beloved he was (by people who never met him).

    4. My favourite story about Kathleen Battle was "when she held up the release of a record for six months because she didn't like the way her breasts looked on the cover. It cost the record company dollars 50,000, a sum that a frustrated executive observed would have been enough to have them surgically lifted and attached to her ears."

      Acerbic would seem like a blessing. Jx

  3. Remember to apply sunscreen to your swimsuit area.

    1. Oh, MJ, kind of you as always to think of me, but for the good of the nation, my swimsuit area hasn't seen the sun since the second Reagan administration - it's just better that way for all concerned.

      When it comes to the face, though, I am of nearly BernadettePetersische fanaticism about the SPF...

    2. A heads-up that I’ve awarded you with Quote of the Week.

    3. I'm honored - I always hoped my winsome prose would take me places!