Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tin for Ten

Oh, I know it seems like just yesterday that we were getting married, but Mr. Muscato and I woke up this morning to the remarkable realization that today is, in fact, our tenth anniversary.

Of course, for us, the gap between the date we've always marked (our remarkable encounter there in the garden of the old Nile Hilton) and our far more recent officialization of it all) is pretty significant, but we're still working out which date we're going to pay more attention to going forward, so in the meantime, why not celebrate both?

Decisive in which date wins may well be the sad fact that ten whole years have gone by and all we get in recognition is... tin.  Oh, of course, I realize that you don't even get silver for another fifteen years, and the really good stuff - gold, diamonds, rubies - is still decades in our future (and, given that we met when when I was 40, are hardly guaranteed), but still - tin.  I couldn't bear have to work our away all over again through the dreary milestones - paper, linen, iron, wool - it's taken just to get us to tin.

So we've made a pleasant day of it, and if it wasn't the most glamorous night out we've ever had, it wasn't bad for a suburban Thursday - just us and the dogs at a little tapas joint not far away, a couple glasses of cava, and home early.

If it's true that the first ten years are the hardest, then I guess we're in for a couple of good decades to come.  After ten years, five countries (lived in, plus nine more visited), seven homes, two cats, two dogs, and lord knows what else, I think we're on the right track.


  1. Happy anniversary and congrats. And doesn't linen seem more desirable than tin? Who even uses tin any more? Does any one wear a hat?

  2. Happy tin-th anniversary, dears!

    I couldn't find anything pretty made out of old tins, so I thought instead this might be appropriate. Or something.


  3. Congratulations!

    The husband and I observe May 15th as our anniversary. That was the date that we fell for one and other. This year we got confirmation that was the right date for us. Our legal wedding date is August 5th, and we both forgot. Proof positive that we're an old married couple.

  4. Congrats, Old Boy! Love the movie selection. Anything with John Payne is worth sitting through. The quiet ones that don't always get noticed are the ones that usually send me.

    We have always celebrated our anniversary as the day that we first met in person (after online chat and 2 or 3 phone calls). We also have the date of our Domestic Partnership, the date of our Civil Union, and will someday have a wedding date. But I think July 23, 2003 will always be the date. He knew from that first date. Took me until the second date. But we were a done deal from Day One.

    I also had the disappointment this summer of discovering that your tenth is tin. I bucked tradition and gave him a painting. He gave me theater tickets but was clever enough to put them in an Altoids tin. It was tied up with a 10 yr old dried flower from the bouquet I brought to his house for our second date.