Friday, February 15, 2013

No Business Like Shoe Business

Oh, dear.  I know it's been a while since he's been in an A picture, but I can't begin to figure out this arresting image.  You don't suppose, do you, that dear Mr. Upen Patel has been reduced to making some kind of very specific fetish porn, do you?

On the other hand - if you ignore the whole sneakers/trainers (actually, what are those?) angle - that might not be the very worst news I've heard this week...


  1. Mistress MJ won't be happy that the gorgeous Mr Patel is reduced to selling Crocs... Jx

  2. Have them removed from his neck immediately and burned.

  3. If you track down his porn site, be sure to let me know IMMEDIATELY.

    1. Oh, honey - you know that would the all-points, all-formats, Urgent Rush Immediate Bulletin of all time. Once I got my heart rate back down, that is...

  4. He's like a much younger, hotter Harry Connick. That would make for quite a duet.

  5. As always, Bill, I like the way you think. throw in Chris Rockway and make it trio, and I'd likely never leave home again.