Thursday, January 3, 2013

Go East!

Having survived the holidays more or less intact, Mr. Muscato and I are heading off for a lovely little break.  After more than six years here in the Sandlands, we've never before tried any of the more exotic destinations that are comparatively short flights away, so we decided to start the year off with a jaunt to Thailand.  I believe that we'll have connections to the great wide world at the excellent hostelries I've chosen, and I'll do my best to keep you up to date with our adventures.

I'm normally an in-depth preparer when it comes to new destinations, but the pace of the last few weeks has made that impossible; as a result I'm relying almost entirely on distant impressions of The King and I and a few tips from a pair of colleagues who used to live in Bangkok (surely the most bawdily named world capital in history).  I'm sensible enough to eschew Mrs. Anna's crinolines, but part of me is inevitably going to be expecting to hear The March of the Siamese Children as we land.

Wish us luck - and do send along any thoughtful travel recommendations you may have, or at least ones that would be sensible for a pair of stout parties of indeterminate age.*

* Note to MJ and her gang:  that means no donkey shows and nothing involving ping pong balls.  A boy has to have some standards... 


  1. About a year ago, the friend of a cousin came up to us at a party and she had just returned from Thailand. On her fifth glass-o-Jack, and gestering wildly with her cigarette (too close to cousin's new custom drapes) she loudly proclaim that the husband MUST go to Thailand.

    Thai's LOVE gay guys and the bot to dollar is so generous. You MUST go to Thailand...the boys throw themselves at you...there are so many many gay guys who have retired there because their pension bots can buy them anything they wish..." and on she went. He gestures getting more animated and that cigarette ever closer to the drapes.

    Have fun, stay safe and don't let any boys hurl themselves at you. And stay away from women promising you exotic pleasures for happy, shiny shiny five dollars, too.

  2. Be sure to kiss in a shadow...

  3. I can imagine you in a nice party hat! Have a great time - I'm not jealous at all... Jx

  4. While there if you turn on the telly and see this guy, you are looking at my first lover from oh so many years ago when he was a student at Georgetown.

  5. Here's hoping for plenty of Beauty and Romance, although if you're eschewing the donkey shows, I'm sure that will cut into both.

  6. If you have time, here

    It's mostly an old timey forum board postings, including the fabulous sounding topic "Price inflation and the Thai Rent Boy Index‎"

  7. no donkey shows and nothing involving ping pong balls

    I’m out, in that case.

    Bon voyage!