Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Birds, Bees, Finns, Eels... and Eartha

This gem recently popped up on my feed over at the FaceBooks, and not having seen it previously, I was even more than usually transported than I generally am by the insinuating charms of Miss Eartha Kitt.

Taking the unorthodox combination of a chaise longue, a macramé evening gown, and a little good old-fashioned cocktail organ (and whatever happened to that vanished, much-missed genre?*), she throws in some Cole Porter and enough of what was once called SA to float a battleship. The YouTube poster calls it a lesson in how to the play with the camera, and one can't deny that it's a talen tthat la Kitt has down cold. And doesn't she have an enchanting smile?

It was an overcast and unpromising spring day, but now that I've had a little dose of Vitamin Eartha (and with a nice big pot of soup bubbling in the kitchen), all's rather right with the world. I do hope the same is so with you, wherever you may be, even if you find yourself unaccountably chaise-less...

* Speaking of vanished phenomena, have you ever had shad roe? I've not, and really must find a way to try it...


  1. Vitamin Eartha? I'd like to overdose on it! Jx

    PS As for shad roe - "It looks like something a demon would eat". Apparently.

  2. I've had shad roe as well as shad most springs. I start to think about it in February. Shad is always a surprise. Some times it tastes sweet other times like mud. The row is grainy and firm when cooked.

  3. Am I the only one who read that as "alt-right's with the world"? LOL

    Eartha's spider-web sleeves are TDF. She's just amazing and clearly isn't lipsynching, though the organ accompaniment makes it sound like she's singing at the ice rink. But she definitely communicates what that song is about!

    1. God lord - heaven forfend, alt-right-wise. I'm currently reading the new book on the Mitfords, and I only wish some of it didn't seem so current in terms of the dislocating effects of unfortunate ideologies...

      And I do believe that when it comes to communication, especially in terms of carnal amusement, few could equal the heavenly Miss K. ...

  4. She is one of a kind. Little cat face.

  5. I remember the Christmas when my husband came down and said "do you know what Santa's brought Eartha Kitt this year? A coffin."