Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Quicker Picker-Upper

When you've been feeling gloomy - crummy, even - sometimes all you need is a little shot of pure adrenaline. Enter Miss Ann Miller, stage right.

I don't know about you, but just thinking about Annie, let alone catching her in a new-to-me fab number - and then let alone starting out in a truly superb opera cloak (quickly doffed, as substantial garments so often are in Ann Miller numbos) - makes the skies a little clearer. Her partner here is percussionist extraordinaire Jack Costanza, and I think they make quite a pair.

I do apologize for being so dour yesterday. Today's news hasn't done all that much to brighten one's outlook, true, but at least on the home front I finally gave in and went to the doctor's. Apparently I don't have just some vague Spring Ick, but instead a rather flourishing respiratory infection. As a result, I've been dosed up with antibiotics, told to refrain from further excursions downtown to Golden Handcuffs for the moment (I did go in this morning, and it was the colleagues who promptly put me in a car and sent me off for medical attention), and, best of all, given not just a prescription strength cough syrup, but one laced with - such heaven! - codeine.

So maybe it's a combination of some fierce tapping and just a soupçon of narcotics that are making things seem just a shade rosier. I don't care why - blue has never been my favorite color, and I think I'll try to leave it behind for a few days, if the fates allow...


  1. Bongos! And Ann Miller! What a divine combination, although the Christmas tinsel hula skirt is not as successful as it probably sounded like in theory.

    As for codeine: an absolute miracle drug. I have been so petulant about demanding it over the years whenever I start hacking, my doctor now just writes it up without question.

  2. Ann Miller in the morning! Fabulous. Thanks so much. I loved her dress by the way, very sexy.

  3. Once upon a time one could pick up great lovely bottles of codeine aspirin at Boots in London; I was disappointed to note of late that they've gotten almost as puritanical as Americans have about cold medicines.

    As for Ann's dress, I rather side with Peenee - it does seem a tad improvised, although it certainly does the trick in terms of working well with this number. Doesn't measure up to the opera cloak, although to be fair, what could?