Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Things That Happen at Our House

At some point in the past month or so, Mrs. Galapatti-Da Silva had apparently had just about enough of our not finishing up with putting away the last of the Christmas decorations and decided that our tree topper needed to go for a ride.  Yes, she's a former South Africa Barbie dressed in a vintage tulle and silver lamé ballgown.  You got a problem with that?  As for the camel - believe me, you live in this area long enough, you end up with camels.  You live in Africa, you get masks; in Egypt, papyrus and scarabs.  The Sandlands, camels.  They come with the territory.

We use the "company" part of the Villa Muscato infrequently enough that I only noticed it today because I was padding around the house in an invalidish sort of way, as I'm feeling poorly.  It makes me wonder what other decorative innovations she's come up with that have escaped our notice...


  1. the only camels i could ever imagine
    finding in casa desmond are the
    unfiltered ones. same is true of ubangi barbie.

  2. I'd walk a mile for a camel for my Barbie dolls. I hope that comes back to the States with you -- you'll want mementos!

  3. Mrs. Galapatti-Da Silva has good taste... Jx