Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Happy Fourth

We had a great view for the fireworks last night.  Our deal with the Stately L's was that we could have their ground-floor for the holiday as long as we understood that they would co-opt the deck for their annual cookout for the neighborhod.  Well, you know how much we hate festive gatherings of amusing people cooking good meat, but we coped.  We ate, we drank, we dished about local celebrities past and present, and we laughed a lot.

Provincetown necessities we have so far, in just two days, ticked off our lists: lobster rolls; cupcakes from that most heavenly of bakeries, Relish; tchotchke buying (despite our days in London, our only Jubilee souvenir: a Solar Queen - accompanied by her Solar Corgi.  You know you want them); tea dance; irritation at the tourists.  This would appear to be either Circuit Week or High-Maintenance Queen Week here in Provinceown, and at tea yesterday, Mr. Muscato kept looking around and asking, in his handsome accent, "Who are these skeeny beetches?"  We had amusing visions of scooping a group of 20 or 30 of them up wholesale and depositing them, as is, back at a mall in the Sandlands; it would be fascinating to witness the local reaction to screaming tattooed muscle boys in painted-on short-shorts, high-end sandals, and not much else.  Bear Week starts tomorrow, and I think we will feel much more at home.

Up for today: actual lobster, attendance at at least one drag show.  The riches in town on the cabaret front are dizzying this year.  Tonight's biggest event is Patti Lupone, one night only (so hopelessly sold out that people giggle helplessly at me when I express hope for a last-minute miracle), but the competition is so fierce I almost don't mind:  we can still choose from Miss Coco Peru, Varla Jean Merman, Dina Martina, the divine Randy Roberts, and real girl Kate Clinton.

And, of course, more cupcakes.


  1. Sounds wonderful, Muscato. Makes me miss P'town, my annual retreat for all of the 90s. Do say hello to Randy Roberts if you bump into him. He's a good friend of my dear Ed's. They know each other from Ed's days in Key West. Your mention of Varla has me jonesing for some Cheez Whiz. A stroll up Commercial St., day or night, is so good for the soul. Such a parade of characters. My first trip to town, I turned down Commercial St and the first thing I saw was a shirtless, buff young man in a hot pink bikini bathing suit walking a pot bellied pig. I knew I was home and would always come back.

  2. An embarrassment of riches! Glad you're having fun. Now all I want is a lobster roll...

  3. You know, not a day goes by I don't ask myself "Who are these skeeny beetches?"