Thursday, July 15, 2010

Allons, Enfants!

In a terrible rush for all sorts of good reasons, darlings, but I couldn't resist (only slightly belatedly) celebrating le jour de la Bastille with this image of overwhelming fabulosity. Yes indeed, look who jetted in to help the Sarkozis celebrate their special day - none other than Café icon and Cameroonian style sensation, the glorious Mme. Chantal Biya!

I am madly in love with the almost baroccoco composition of this snap, in which La Chantal assumes the position of a beneficent background goddess, bestowing her approval on the curious union of the tiny if powerful President of France and his bride. As always, though, the primary thought on Chantal's mind appears to be how very much more glamourous she is than anyone around - and who can say her nay?


  1. Paris is burning indeed.
    Mme Biya is on fire!
    No, I think I mean that literally.

  2. Your observations are spot on, as usual. Oui!

  3. Are you sure that's not Regine?

  4. Caro, I saw the little poop storm you stirred up over on Even before I scrolled down to your devastatingly thoughtful replies to the pinheads who had jumped on your initial comment, I thought to myself, I thought, "Girl, you do not know what you're getting into when you take on la Muscato." Natch, I was right.