Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Growing Family

I mentioned, I believe, that we've had an addition to our little family since last we met, didn't I? Well, here he is. He's a genuine pound puppy, left behind by a fleeing expatriate family (from what we've never learned, rather on purpose) and taken in following a distraught call from our vet's office - "but you boys are so good with little dogs!"

So here we are, (mostly) happy caretakers of a Yorkie whose only legacy from his fickle previous family, a tattered chenille blanket aside, is having been given an entirely inappropriate name: Baudouin. Ten points to anyone who guesses where they came from and, presumably, returned to...

Mr. Muscato, what with being Egyptian and all, is devoted to diminutives (only in Cairo can you attend a meeting in the most serious of corporate boardrooms surrounded by captains of industry named Gigi, Zizi, TouTou, and worse), so he promptly became Boudi. He's rather a handful, being of a rompful nature, but he and Koko get along brilliantly (which was distinctly a surprise), and while he has a regrettable tendency to eat socks (he's pulling one off my foot even as I type), he possesses a boundlessly optimistic nature that has been a great tonic in trying times.

Although I may have to start going to the office in that most 80s of looks, sockless loafers...


  1. Adorable! Who doesn't love a little Boudi?

  2. If his expression in that photo is any indication, he is one delightful handful!

  3. he's adorable, even if he isn't a corgi.

  4. Well Holy Hell. Welcome back Mr. Muscato. Are you twittering as well?

  5. He probably has corgi envy but he's a doll.