Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why? Revisited

She'd like to propose a toast...

It occured to me recently that I've been remiss, having let slip a (semi)significant date: in late April, the Café celebrated its first birthday. I let that one go, since another (semi)landmark was in the works, the thousandth post. Then that one went by as well, but since here it is Thursday morning and I have a moment, a thought or two on this whole experience.

I started blogging one fine April day only because Thom, damn his eyes, suddenly no longer allowed one to join in the fun on Fabulon without registering, which created a Google ID, which, I discovered, created the possibility of making a blog. I'd never played with Blogger before, and it seemed kind of fun. Thinking I'd at least leave a placeholder, I clicked around and finally wrote this, under the headline "Why?", never thinking it would go much further:

Because I said so. Because I blame it on the summer night...or the bossa nova. Because that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Because it's always something.

Why? Why the strange fascination with the films of Kay Francis? With the minutiae of forgotten mitteleuropean dynasties of the 19th century? With the old age of the Duchess of Windsor? With the youth of Tutankhamun? Why the all joy, the tears, the deep, abiding bemusement with the ways of the world?

Just one damn thing after another.

And here we are now. It does turn out to be one damn thing after another, or rather anywhere up to three things per day, which I find is generally my limit.

I knew from the start that I hadn't Thom's incredible eye; that I was fractionally as dedicated as Joe.My.God; that I was one-tenth as trenchant as Peenee; and that I had nothing like the crazed glee of J*O*E or Kevin (then Shirley). I admired Miss Janey's gumption, and Donna Lethal's feral take on beauty. I was interested in local things here is our odd little Sultanate, but hadn't the insider knowledge to be a font of good gossip like Muscat Confidential or Suburban.

So, thought I, what to do? And I decided just to think out loud, more or less, and have fun. If picking around Google looking for amusing pictures can be called creative, I guess I would say this has been the most creative thing I've ever done (believe me, you don't want to read the abandoned novel drafts - they definitely don't count).

From the beginning, I have been amazed by the community that blogs have made possible. Peenee was the very first commentor here, and I count it a brighter day when I get to hear from him, here or over in his corner of the world. I've loved hearing other people's takes on everything from travel to the fashion choices of Bollywood stars; I like knowing that Larry's (careful - his, I believe, is the NSFWest blog that links to this staid place) going to check in, or that I'll get to read what Jason's thinking way down there in New Orleans.

I hope you - whoever you are, known or unknown - are enjoying yourself, because I am.


  1. looking forward to the next 365 days - congrats

  2. Congratulations on reaching so many milestones in such a short amount of time.

    I really really enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing what you have posted. I do so wish I could meet you, but I understand the attractiveness of being a mysterious blogger...

  3. Congratulations!

    I love it here and I'm tempted to bake you a cake.

  4. Congratulations on all your recent milestones.

    I always drop by the Cafe when the rigor and grind of the Very Safe Insurance Company have gotten me down. A visit to the Cafe is my little "Muscato, take me away!" time.

    Always a safe haven, a pleasant retreat from day-to-day drudgery, and an amusing time with a delightful and charming host and a fun bunch of regular patrons.

    I enjoy myself immensely, Muscato. And I thank you for every moment of it.

  5. Sweetness, Happy Anniversary. The Cafe has certainly improved the quality of my time wasting at work so thank you.

  6. Congratulations on your milestone! Sashaying into Cafe Muscato in the twilight hour whenever I have time, just for a brief visit, is a highlight of my day! I love your taste, humor and choice in items with which to entertain and titillate us.

  7. The Cafe' is one of my favorite spots to soak up some international glamour. Now, if you could have a word with the cabana boys about wearing a little less clothing...

  8. Keep the good work up.
    I always join in with my morning coffe and i always leave with an long lasting smile.
    By linking to you I hope more people from "my cold old corner" of the world will find a stop here worthwhile. I sertenly do.

  9. muscato, i feel like we all are an extended family of sorts. i'm so glad to be a part of it. hugs to you all.

  10. Has it really been a year since the Cafe opened?! We do love it here. And without you there would be no DQ - now that is one crowning achievement! You are aware there is a facebook fan page, aren't you? There are members that I haven't the slightest clue as to their identity!